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Dec 6, 2012 11:00am PST
peopleemain squatters. so their community leaders are negotiating with the city government for land titles and city services. (speaking portugues ) translator:itles the first things we want here are day care, a health clinic and a school. these are the three ings we need most urgently. narrator: if these newest migrants receive official recognition, a path toward assimilationath behind and integratiofore them, anslator: i wa to stay here, finish t house and connue. e k. naator immigratioto saoaulo s slowedgain, ( speaking porguese )slato, but birth rates coinue rease the pulation. orwirojectop ceg ib th is ciwhicswi dow sinher case, has creased.pop sao o willontinutoe one of the world's mega-cies. the urban geography of immigration and ethnic diversity real a complex pattern of squatr settlements and self-construction. with luck and hard work, the newest residents will get their chance to share in the wealth and sophistication thats sao paulo. narrator: in eatorial regions around the world, large tropicalaiforests are qukly vashing. ree examine seral emes,uness, b thanouincluding:16% of br
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1